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Tom Hiddleston’s resume/CV starting from 2013 onwards with colorful descriptions by Your Humble Narrator.

This list includes film/movies, television, and theatre work that are anticipated/rumored/in talks, in production/development, canceled/on hold, and released. For work pre-2013, see IMDB, but be aware that it focuses mainly on TV and film.

—UPDATED 5/10/2014—

In Production/Filming -  :)

  • High Rise (movie): Dr. Robert Laing - This is based off of a book by JG Ballard. From the book synopsis on Amazon:
When a class war erupts inside a luxurious apartment block, modern elevators become violent battlegrounds and cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on “enemy” floors. In this visionary tale, human society slips into violent reverse as once-peaceful residents, driven by primal urges, re-create a world ruled by the laws of the jungle.

For more information, see my current ramblings (LINK).

  • Crimson Peak (movie): Sir Thomas Sharpe - This is all over the Internetz like a rash my lovelies! We got del Toro directing. Blood, and sex, and kink…Oh My!

Don’t allow the current description of Crimson Peak as a classic Gothic romance to lead to an underestimation of the adult content, because we’re apparently in for a lot of blood and sex. Since there are few better ways to make gore and violence really stand out in a movie than to offset it against a radically different backdrop, del Toro promises to make the most of contrast:

“[Crimson Peak] has moments that are very visceral, physical violence. You’re in this sort of sedate romance and then there is this brutal moment where you’re like, “Whoa!” And it has a lot of kinky moments. The only kinky moment I’ve ever shot is the leg f**k in The Devil’s Backbone. [laughs] This has a little more kinkiness than that.” [More Here]

We may not survive this one my friends, but it will be a glorious fangirl/boy death. For more information, see my current ramblings (LINK).

  • The Reel Britain (documentary): Interviewee - From the makers…

A documentary that explores the relationship between Hollywood and the British film industry while closely examining British national identity in cinema.

Totally stoked about this. Not only is it an interesting subject, but it’s being created by a group of passionate folks who busted their ass to get it funded. (Your Humble Narrator is a strong supporter of crowd-funding.) So far it looks amazing, here is a Sneak Peek:

Official Twitter Account:

Released - :D

  • Exhibition (movie): Real Estate Agent - This is the new Joanna Hogg movie, formerly titled London Project. From Hogg,

“D, the character I’m telling the story about, is inhibited. The film can be read as being about her coming out of herself and finding a more exhibitionist side of herself.”

Tom is in a supporting role. So don’t expect “Archipelago 2: Electric Boogaloo” or “Unrelated 2: The Skinny Dipping Chronicles” this particular world is not revolving around his character but the female character ‘D’ and her partner ‘H’ (gotta dig those descriptive names, thanks Hogg).

  • Jaguar: Rendezvous (TV/commercial): Villianous Badass (no official title) - Part of the Jaguar “Good To Be Bad” campaign. Tom oozing evil charm and pure sex into your little eyeballs and earholes while drinking tea like a goddamn boss:

  • Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (animated film): James/Captain Hook - Tom + Fairies + Singing. Heaven help us all…

Not gunna lie to ya folks, I fucking hate Tinker Bell. The character, the merchandise, the everything. Don’t get me wrong, I like Peter Pan…but I liked Tiger Lily and that was it! Regardless, I will sit down, grimace, and watch the entire thing. I regret nothing.

  • Coriolanus (theatre): Coriolanus - Title role in the Shakespeare play. I can’t tell you how giddy this made Your Humble Narrator. I’d give a kidney to see him play Hamlet, but Coriolanus was the next best thing. For more information on Your Humble Narrator’s journey, lookee here (LINK).

*listens to sample again* *shivers* Gods help me…SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY!

  • Out of Darkness (short film): Male - From the makers…

An Aid worker’s story is told through nine different voices.

A story told through other people’s voices alone (no sets or props, just people talking). I’ve seen this done live on stage, and from watching the trailer that’s how the film “feels”…like it should be on stage. But I’ll take what I can get!

This movie appeared at the London Film Festival on October 17th 2013. It is also do to screen at the @EastEndFilmFest on June 22nd 2014 at Genesis Cinema, London. The official Twitter account is:

This unique feature documentary follows two actors, Giles Terera and Dan Poole, as they travel the world to find out everything they can about tackling the greatest writer of them all. Together they have directed and produced an inspiring film that aims to demystify and illuminate Shakespeare’s work for everyone: from actors, directors and students of all disciplines, right through to the? man on the street?

So, Shakespeare + Tom. EVERYBODY WINS! It’s got a bucket load of folks in it and it was very fun to watch. It’s already aired on the BBC, but it is also due to release via download, DVD/Blu-Ray, in 2014 (LINK).

  • Muppets Most Wanted (formerly The Muppets…Again!) (movie): Great Escapo - Ok, show of hands. Who wants a Great Escapo plushie? And now a pic of my favorite muppets:

  • Only Lovers Left Alive (movie): Adam - OMFG! *fangirls around the room*. I know you Hiddlestoner peeps dig this one because the fanart, gif making, and cosplay have been outta control! Grumpy vampire Hiddles, Super-cool/book-loving vampire Swinton, and dark humor/black comedy FTW.

Loki is still a conniving, devious, little shit. He’s also throwing around his magic LIKE A BOSS (complete with black fuzzy slippers (LINK))!

  • Family Guy (TV): Voice Work (Statue of Griffin) - The episode “No Country Club for Old Men”. Tom had a teeny tiny speaking part in it, but it’s still funny. Here is the kinda crappily recorded clip:

Canceled/On Hold - :(

Unity is a documentary film about how humanity is deeply connected to one another. Every human thought and every action has an affect on the world around us. Unfortunately, as our film portrays, for thousands of years, we have been fighting each other. So much blood has been shed because of the perception of differences between people, when in fact we are all made of the same matter and energy. You will learn that literally the stuff of the heavens is within us. All we have to do is step back and sit in our hearts. Once we recognize that deep-seated peace and presence within us, the veils of duality will vanish.

Because this is a kickstarter project things are always up-in-the-air. Sadly, they didn’t reach their funding goal of $800k, last update:

We would like to thank our 970 backers, as well as all of our followers on social networking sites who have helped to spread the word about UNITY. At this moment, we are working on a new release plan, and we will keep you updated as we move forward. Please stick with us - your support is vital, and we appreciate all of your feedback.

  • Close Enough (movie): Robert Capa - I honestly don’t know anything about Robert Capa, which is cool because it means I get to learn something new. If anything, this would have been a really quality role for Tom. Leading man role with a great premise and a solid leading lady (Hayley Atwell).

Unfortunately, Ms. Atwell tweeted that the film is on hold. This really sucks because it was obvious that they were very close to filming (i.e., visiting Capa exhibits, meetings with the director, etc.). Then the director announced that this film is pretty much dead in the water. There is another Capa film in the works by Michael Mann, named “Waiting for Robert Capa” which could have been partly responsible for the demise of this one (but that is NOT confirmed, just my random guessing). 

  • Black Wings Has My Angel (movie): Tim Sunblade - The lead actress got pregnant and had to drop out. No replacement has been announced and I don’t think we’ll see this one anytime soon; this makes me a sad panda.

Rumor Mill/In Talks - o_O

  • The Crow (movie/remake): The Crow/Eric Draven - The Scoop: He was in the running but didn’t get it. It went to Luke Evans. Meh. C’est la vie.